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Re: Looking for critics
From IonZone on 27 April '99
replying to Re: Looking for critics posted by aberk

>>You have sunk to a level all your own.
>>Hey, how come you want me to kiss your a__ but not look at it?
>>Do you have a really ugly a__ or something?
>>I think requests to have your a__ kissed should be posted on
>>a different board, maybe you could start your own site called
>How about if I send you a picture of my a__ and you be the judge. Then if you'd like, you can catch a flight to New York and smell it for me as well.

Smell it for you? Are you tired of smelling your own a__?
I can't help with the ugly part, but if you take a bath it
would probably help the smelly part. While your at it you
could wash your mouth out, that might help you stop saying
all those words your mother taught you.

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