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Promoting the website before it exists.
From Damien Cola at Lingo Paradise on 9 May '99
Hello all, I've just discover this site so forgive me in advance if I do something silly.

I wanted to speak about my sit and the way I promote it.

my goals were to create a group of people, picking them up from an existing online community.

This was for a university project.

I had to pick their curiosity, so that I made early a project website where I put the progression of the project and extensive informations about the future website.

One month beefore the lunch, I had set up a COUNTERDOWN, in fact it is 4 html pages and their pictures. I name them index1.html, index2.html, index3.html, index4.html
and 4 weeks before the launch date, I rename thee file indeex4.html in index.html, three weeks before thee launch I rename index.html as index4.html and theeen I rename index3.html as index.html and so on.

The launch date is still to come, so that you can see what I am talking about if you go now.

When I first put the index4.html, I also write down my URL along with an egnimatic slogan on the MOST popular WEBSITE in the Lingo Community.

And since that, I get quite a lot of hits every day, remember that there is only a splash screen and a link to the project website..

This let the time to people to read the whole report and make them more willing to see the web site working.

I am now assured to get a good frequentation as soon as the website open. the rest depends on the good willing of people as always, but the promotion was a good experience for me.

PS: I also made the *traditionnal* submitting and use of meta tags. And look forward to submit the website to instutitional ones, but after.

the report is available at

the idea comes from the EXCELLENT book from David Siegel ; Secrets of Successful websites.

Ok, I imagine you are pros of promotion on the net and maybe you know this feature (counterdown and public access to the project website), but it was very new for me.

Any advice are very welcome, since I have not finish with the project, I must conduct a online group managment report now.. any help ?


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