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Re: Re-submission/Advice
From Jonah Klimack at Come See What The Internet Warriors and its Tens Of Thousands Of Members Can Do For You, Click Here! on 11 May '99
replying to Re-submission/Advice posted by Alan Webb

>My site has been processed by Infoseek so far. It is still being processed by the other major search engines. Of course being human I rushed to promote it without any consideration as to ranking and the various tips and tricks available out there. I am ranked a measly 94.
>I have since however changed my page (ALT, more keyword density etc..) My question is do I need to resubmit the URL or will the "spider" noticwe the changes and rank it accordingly automatically?
>Also any further/suggestions would be most welcome.
>The url is.
>It is essentially a backgammon site but unique in that it poses BG positions in the form of a quiz.
>Many thanks in advance

Hi Allen

Submit individual web pages to search engines. Submit your home page to the major directories.

In general, we like to submit 5 web pages at a time to the major search engines to avoid a spam penalty. Additionally, we do not recommend that you submit the same web pages to the search engines within a short time period (even if you made changes on them).

We recommend that you first get your main URL ( accepted into a directory before you try to get more targeted pages listed. You will stand a better chance of getting multiple pages listed in a directory if your overall site has been accepted first.

The time between site submission and addition to the search engine or directory database is called the lead time. You will not see results in your traffic logs until the lead time has passed.

This was taken from
you can get the full story there.

Hope this helped!

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