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Re: money making
From CyberEye® at Web Promotion, Search Engines, Meta Tags on 7 August '00
replying to money making posted by prashanth char

>>>My Host put up my site in June 1999 with a bad (incorrect) URL address. It was the site that was up for review only. The Host has not been able to get the site remove from the search engins that it is on. Some of thes sites have the site in very good placements, 1st,9th, 18th. However they can not get back to me because they are not my correct url that is attached to my e-mail. I am getting no traffic. Zero! How can I get this name out? If I put up my correct URL with this one on how will the search engins know which one is correct and send the traffice to me? Please Help.
>>You could try setting up a re-direct, so when users go to the old URL, it shoots them into your correct site. I dont know how this effects searchability though.
>please send me tips how to earn money through internet

It's not quite clear what you are saying, so I will have to guess at it. My advice is to simply start over and don't worry about the other bloke. It sounds as if the URL is actually going to someone else's website. If so, just slapping in the right URL won't do you a bit of good in the long run, because as the SEs cysle through, said "listings" will go away, anyhow. You just need to forget about it and DO something, like Promote your site. Deadlock contains more info and leads than you will ever need to become more prominant, so I suggest you Get To It, and Read. As for making money on the internet, there are so many methods that one is Inundated with them. Start here, if you wish, one "thread" will lead you to another, and before you know it, you'll be up to your ears if e-mail and opportunities for money making and internet marketing: (just a few suggestions, keep clicking :)

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