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Slight correction
From Nicholas on 17 May '99
replying to Re: how to copyright posted by David A

>>how do i copyright my website?????
>Someone correct me if I am wrong, but as soon as you create a
>site it is automatically copyrighted. Like a writer, as soon as
>they put the words down on paper they are protected. What most
>people do to make it very clear that this is the case is include
>a line something like:
>"Name of Site is (html for the little circle C)1999 All rights reserved." at the bottom of the site.

I'm 2 years out of date, but at that time the EXACT form -
coypright notice-year-owner-all rights reserved was:

© 1999 Mycompany. All rights reserved.

The actual name of the work is unecessary. It's presumed to be
the whole work the notice is attached to. Why raise a question
on which part you're copyrighting? As Andrew mentions later,
the "all rights reserved" gives additional protection in some
countries. (Have forgotten what the protections are.)

>The only extra legal merit this holds is that people can't claim

Correct. But note that *registering* the copyright, in the U.S.
and several other countries, allows you to sue infringers for
"statutory" damages even if they didn't make a penny. Otherwise
you can only sue for demonstrable loss of your income - and if
they didn't make a penny, that's hard to prove.

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