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Re: javascript on mac
From Tom Bonge at Thomas Media Services on 21 May '99
replying to javascript on mac posted by rob

Try using Explorer, I have both communicator and explorer installed because the MAC versions of Javascript on both are lacking many functions that are in the PC version. Communicator is a bit more complete but explorer has some things not working in communicator yet.

>We are trying to use a Javascripted, web-based database editor for editing
>info in a MySql database. It's a password protected web page that uses frames.
>On a PC platform using Communicator 4.5, the editor works great,
>but on a PowerMac, using Communicator 4.0, we can't get it to work at all.
>1. Word wrap in the selection box is totally screwed up. lines run into each other.
>2. Javascript error messages.
>We can't figure it out and neither myself nor the programmer are
>particularly knowledgable in the workings of a macintosh. The #1 problem
>seems to be our main concern.
>Mac Experts, please help us. Any and all help is appreciated.

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