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Re: HELP-AGAIN!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE)
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 20 August '00
replying to HELP-AGAIN!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE) posted by ANDY BALCK

Well you want more sales per webhits or do you just want more web hits?

I'd think you would want to go with quality of keywords first than just gearing it up with hits. Just like the latest webposition news letter states.....

Its better to have few hits and more sales than have little sale and tons of hits.

So I think you might be making it to "techie" to try to lure people in.

Instead keep looking at your competitiors site and see what they are doing right and wrong and gleen info from that and change your site accordingly.

As for a browser bypassing the pragma no cache statement.
Just leave it out all together.

There is third party software that loads everything into a applet.
But I doubt if you want your whole site in applet form. HAHAHA

I think there is a java script that erases a persons cache history.
But that deletes everything. If I find one I'll let you know.


>I have come across many scripts that use meta tags with content="no cache" and "pragma"="no cache" etc, though I can still view some of my pages off line and when I do reconnect the page loads almost instantly. Does anyone know of a better meta tag or script that will load images or the page into memory and not at all into cache (or as least as possible) so that each time someone views my page they will have to wait longer for the page to load. I'm not doing this to be annoying it's just that my page changes often so I want users to have the most current update and also I want to increase traffic so that my page is not available off line. Can anyone help:
>Also required any meta tags or scripts known like the above that will increase traffic to a site (I've seen some sites with 15 different meta tags eg one was "revisit"= 14 days, but I don't know what this does)

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