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Re: i think i got it figured..
From Andrea on 28 May '99
replying to i think i got it figured.. posted by Pooja Mittal

Hi Pooja!

Great help! I'll give it a try...

Thanks again - Andrea

>hey Andrea,
>i think i got it figured!
>basically in your HTML files - the first table has a width of "961" (or soemthing like that). Change WIDTH="80%" and that shud do it.
>>Hi Pooj,
>>Thanks for the tip. I would be glad to share my url with you...please take a look and forward any comments you may have.
>>>hey Andrea,
>>>Looks like ur talking about browser and resolution compatibilty! :o)
>>>Generally the best thing to do is design ur site in a 640x480 resolution.. this woul mean that users ina higher resolution like 800x600 can still see all the contents. If you design your site for 800x600 (a higher res) then those using 640x480 (a lower res) cant always see all the contents - or at least not the way you expected them to be seen!
>>>Can u post the url for ur site? Id like to take a look if u dont mind!
>>>>Is it possible to to create a webpage that reduces in size when seen on different computer screens. For instance, how does Microsoft's home page reduce in size to fit different computer screens and not lose quality. The size of my site fluxuates when seen on different computer screens and the quality of the site is suffering...why is this and what can I do? Please help...
>>>>Thanks - Andrea

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