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Re: Internet Swiss Army Knife
From Aladdin Brittle on 14 June '99
replying to Re: Internet Swiss Army Knife posted by Scott Hamlin

>>I'd worry about the use of the trademark "Swiss Army Knife." Is it in
>>the public domain or have you gotten permission to use that name?
>Interesting thing about the name "Swiss Army Knife"... two competing knife companies, Wenger and Victronox (sp?) both use the names so if there was any dispute over the name, I'm sure it's happened.
>I'm kind of hoping the name stirs up some trouble.. free publicity! If it gets too hot, I'll change the name to "Internet Tool Box" or something like that.
>We'll se what happens.
>Scott Hamlin
>Colchester, Vermont

Best of luck! Actually, Victorinox was founded by the man who won the contract to supply the
Swiss Army with its famous Knife ... Wenger also won part of the contract to supply the army.
To prevent arguments, Victorinox advertise "the original SAK" and
Wenger "the genuine SAK".

Betcha they take the same view as calling yourself the Rolls-Royce of
something-or-other. RR will hit you with more lawsuits than you can count - discreetly, of course, as is their way <g>!
Probably "SAK" (in full) is a registered trademark worldwide. Have a care!

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