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From Lisa at Alternative Photo Designs on 15 June '99
I have asked this question before, but no one could help. I'm hoping that will be different this time. I create photo albums using Microsoft Powerpoint. I want to put examples of these albums on my website. However, the only way I can figure out to do this is by having visitors download a 17 min. file(@28.8)or by building HTML files within Powerpoint. The latter of these does not support the transition or sound effects which is a major part of the albums. I've tried putting the powerpoint viewer on my server in hopes that it would eliminate the long download. It didn't work. I've also tried using a powerpoint player(6 min. download)that requires Active X. No matter what I do, the visitor has to go through several steps(sometimes very long steps) in order to view the examples. My concern is that no one will stick around long enough or go through all the trouble to actually view any of my albums. Can someone please help me figure out a solution. I have no where else to turn. Thank you in advance.

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