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Re: Download directions
From Lisa at Alternative Photo Designs on 16 June '99
replying to Re: Download directions posted by IonZone

>Powerpoint is fine for desktop presentations but does not convert to the web easily, My suggestion is ditch powerpoint and do all your albums with a web browser. Its not as easy to put together the same kind of presentation but it can be done and it is more portable (more people have a free web browser than have M$ Office). Lose Powerpoint you don't need it, I know you may have to redo work but how long ago did you post your original question? You could have used this time to redo your albums and you would have been done already. I'm not trying to sound rude its just too early.

Don't worry, I don't feel that you are rude at all...I'm just happy that someone replied to my question. You said that I could do the presentations without powerpoint. Help me would I create the same special effects, transitions, etc. And, on top of that, how would I animate it? Would it be the same as an animated banner or gif? I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but I am willing to try anything. Your suggestion sounds good, I just want to make sure I am able to maintain the same quality of my powerpoint albums. Thanks in advance. Lisa

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