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Re: Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales
From Deb on 20 June '99
replying to Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales posted by Jochen Binikowski


Normally, I only *read* this message board, but having read
your plea with regard to marketing your sight, I couldn't help
but respond:

First, Buddle-Bini might have some Maritime meaning in
German...but in English it has no immediate connotation to
the subject matter whatsoever. Thus, if you wish to
attract the widest possible audience, you must utilize the
most widely accepted language "English". Secondly, on the
HP you link to 'Order/E-mail', only the price list is in
German Deutschmarks, it is imperative to list US Dollars on
this page next to the Deutschmarks. This is a cardinal rule
of thumb for marketing on the WEB, as mentioned before by Jim
in "The Art of".....Again, the most widely used currency is the
USD and to make people have to search a site for the cost in
that denomination is not a wise design element. The main
thing is not to annoy your customer/surfer, and that would
bother most folks no end...

Third, the photos of the ships-in-bottles are not clear
enough. I for one would hesitate to purchase anything at
that price that I could not see clearly enough to determine
if I liked it or not. You may find investing in a top
photographer to take some super-clear high-resolution photos
well worth the effort/price.

Lastly, as for marketing/advertising...once the site is
'tweaked' as it were, I'd recommend targeting the various US
distributers for 'tourist' souvenier shops, and also contact
various newsgroups having to do with the following list:

All things Maritime
New England Shops/Antiques
Tall Ships

you get the idea....getting your HP out to the proper
perspective buyers is the key...but this must only be done
after the site is the very best example of Maritime products
out there...

Hope these hints help...I think you'd see a marked increase
in sales if you made some of these changes, and as for promotion,
even though this has been done by you, it mighten hurt to have
the "Deadlock team" take a look at your site from this standpoint.
You may find it makes a world of difference to your 'bottom-line'
after they work their magic...

Keep in mind also, that companies like utilize
traditional marketing techniques as well (i.e. print, radio
& TV) and this is another option open to you once the HP is
the 'best it can be'. I'd go after the maritime mag's such
as "Yatching" and perhaps some 'collectable' mag's as well.
A quarter or eighth of a page Ad highlighting your URL
should generate some significant traffic...but then you'll
be able to tell immediately if in fact it's impact was worth
the expenditure.

Best of Luck,


P.S. - The bottom just dropped out of the IPO market in this country,
your not missing a thing by offering shares at this point in time! :)

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