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Re: Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales
From Jochen on 21 June '99
replying to Re: Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales posted by carl ballew

Hi Deb,
thanks a lot for your comments regarding my maritime HP. Well, your suggestion with the order informations (prices in USD) is realy true, a real blunder. I will fix that tonight.

I am already working on a mirror site for my US - Distributor. There will be no more German terms, prices etc.. As of now my problem in the webdesign is that the HP does not target the US market exclusivly, also in other countries are people who are English speaking like in Scandinavia for example. And for those customers it is easier to compute in Deutschmark rather than in USD. Well, I am aware that a HP with worldwide potential customers is always somewhere a compromise.

A hughe problem are the photos. Since there are more than 500 pictures in the HP it will take a time to make better photos, but I have purchased a much better camera recently and a.s.a.p. I will try to improve the quality.

Well, my webshop is already gaining but this is due to the fact that I did all that work by my own. If I whould take all the hours in account and multiply this with the professional fee of agencies and photographers I whould be already bankrupt. But who knows, maybe the day will come that I can affort a more professional design. Until then I try to increase the sales by adding more item groups to get a wider selection and to improve the promotion. Actually last fall I placed some small ads in german boating magazines but I am not sure if that was a success because hard to controll from where the customers got my URL, from the ads or SE.

Thanks again a lot for your hints.
Best regards,

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