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Re: Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales
From Nicholas on 28 June '99
replying to Re: Many hits, good products, good SE rankings but few sales posted by Jochen

>thanks for your hints. There are some subjects I do not properly understand. Could you explain that in more simple English?
>1. < I also wonder if you are targeting
the right search strings; to my mind a site that does
>not capture search strings (e.g., with AXS tracking
>scripts) and analyze them against actual paying
>customers, is not getting their share of web sales.>
>What are AXS tracking scripts?

They are Perl/HTML tracking scripts written by hackers at
Fluid Dynamics. They're free, though they require a small
amount of server understanding to install. (I imagine Jim
has done many AXS installations.) See:

AXS is useful because it gives this information. The 5th
line tells you what the visitor searched for on AltaVista
before they found your site. Like reading minds...

"A visitor from ( was logged once,
starting at 1:21:38 PM on Friday, April 30, 1999.
The initial browser was Mozilla/3.01Gold (Win95; U).

This visitor first arrived from "red hat" and "ipo" 1-10
and visited"

>2. <The scammers, who are really just transporting traditional
business models to the web, are doing better. (In the U.S.,
>some are also going to jail.)>
>What are scammers and why are they going to jail?

Crooks. Credit card fraud, travel voucher fraud, and endless
telephone or free web site schemes.

>Thanks for further explanations.
>Well, I am working on a separate HP for my USA distributor. I am aware that american people prefer to order from US based companies rather than oversea suppliers. I am also experimenting with a shop cart program.

Yes. Americans are sheltered. It's easy to live your whole life
in the US.


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