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From Karen at CrossvilleOnline on 15 July '99
I have created a web site for my home town with information about the community (businesses, churches, schools, organizations, entertainment, restaurants,.....) as well as useful links for weather, search engines, etc. My question is how to get the word out to the public to visit their home town site. I've already placed my meta tags and registered with nearly every search engine for outsiders to find us. But now is the struggle to create traffic so that I can get advertisers on our site. We've got two things going now, "Win Free Internet Access for a Year" & "Win Dinner for Two from local Restaurants" on a Register to WIn page. (We start the dinners next week.) We've tried the newspaper, radio and local TV to get our name out and it hasn't really helped. Someone suggested magnetic business cards with our URL. Then we placed a banner on one of the local ISPs and that has helped but now our hits are tappering off again. I just thought you or your visitors have suggestions for a better method of advertising or networking with the public that we should try so that we don't shrivel and dry up. Then there is the fact we have a competitor web site who has been online exactly as long as us and has 250 hits a day to our 100 a day. His site is almost entirely a site of events, schedules,etc. of happenings in our town. Ours is everything about our town. We can't understand the difference in traffic. I actually suspect he is manipulating his hit counter. Although someone told me never to say that or I will be suspected of doing so. Well, where would you spend your advertising money when you really don't have much to spend, what gets the best results for a business like ours?

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