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Re: home town web page
From Deb on 15 July '99
replying to home town web page posted by Karen


I have just a couple of thoughts...

First, after visiting your site the first question that came to mind
was...where the heck *is* Crossville? Cumberland County...well,
there's one in Maryland...and I'm sure quite a few others
throughout the, if someone stumbled across your site they'd
be hardpressed to know just where this city is located until they
scroll to the very bottom and read the fine print.

Secondly, if your targeting your local population, are you aware of
the number of 'locals' who are wired? From a marketing standpoint
I'd have to wonder at the number of computers in any given rural
location outside a major metropolitan area...Not knowing the
population of your town it's hard to gestimate...

If you'd like those locals who 'are' wired to visit on a regular basis
seems to me you need to 1) identify them and 2) capture their email
addresses in order to regularly remind them to visit your site.
Try getting them to subscribe to a monthly free "what's happening in
Crossville" kind of newletter...which coaxes them to bookmark your
site and check back periodically for updates on "news and events" in
their's not spam if they've asked to be kept up to date.

How do you identify them? Well, providing a form to fill in order to
subscribe to a free newletter is one way...checking with the local
stores in the area that sell computers and having them distribute
flyers might work well...then word of mouth...through clubs, little
league, any and all PTA's etc. all terrific starting points for
broadcasting your URL. That type of targeted blanket marketing should
generate response.

Lastly, try the Tennessee Tourist Board and Chamber of Commerce, etc.
State bureau's such as these might be enthusiastically helpful...

Anyway, just some random rambling remarks...:) Hope things go well
and the site is a long-term success...


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