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Re: Two Words: Discussion Board(Thanks Scott)
From karen at CrossvilleOnline on 16 July '99
replying to Two Words: Discussion Board posted by Scott Hamlin

Thanks Scott for your suggestion. I must say that since I posted my question yesterday on this message board, I have gotten several responses and I thought it would take a week or more to hear from anyone. I really appreciate the advice. My husband is the technical half to our site. You may or may not know the answer to this, what language would he have to write a message board in? CGI scripting, ASP or Perl? Or are there programs on the Internet we can obtain to do it for us? We have been trying to add two features to our site which our ISP doesn't support the ASP & Perl language--a calendar that anyone can go in and add their event and a poll box for people to go in and vote their opinion yes or no to a question about a local issue and have the poll results show a running tally such as 23%yes and 77%no. I know people like to make their opionion known and that's why I wanted the poll. I myself visit and they have a daily poll of issues surrounding parenting and I always read the poll and 95% of the time I vote on the quesiton.

Again, Thank you for your help. It's too bad I didn't find before now. I might have gotten all the great advice from people like you earlier.


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