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Re: home town web page
From Tom on 18 July '99
replying to home town web page posted by Karen

Hi Karen,

I think the suggestions from the others have given you are right on target for marketing your site, but I also think you could use some Search Engines suggestions,,,,,, hope you don't mind.

I searched the main Search Engines and couldn't find your site....Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, Infoseek...etc.

I was using the keyword: crossville

I then started looling at your source code.

Here are some suggestions:

Title: Your title has the non breaking space in it with a dash in front. -  I have no idea what it will do to the robots when they spider your site....but it may stop them. Make sure your key Keywors are in the title.

Meta keywords: chartacter count ok you use Crossville more than 3 times. Also try using crossville, tennessee, instead of crossville tennessee Also, you may want to break up your phrases: like real estate to: real, estate,

Meta description: too many characters (keep it under 200 - your at 337)

Content: You really have no content on your page talking about Crossville. It is all links. Try an introductory paragraph with at least 70 words talking about Crossville and put this paragraph as near the top of your site as possible. Make sure your Title-Keywords-Desription and most all Content match up. You don't use the word Crossville by itself until the very bottom of your main page.

Navigation: on front page is good, but on your sub pages you have to use your back button to your main page and then from there to another sub page. You may want to think about putting navigational kinks on your sub pages. This will help with the robots spidering your site.

Hope the above helps :) If you get good Search Engine listings, your quality hits should rise.

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