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Re: untitled document
From simon tucker at challenge mortgages on 19 July '99
replying to Re: untitled document posted by Jim

>>My site has recently been submitted to search engines but
>>Alta Vista and infoseek seem to return it as "untitled document"
>>even though I have a title and meta tags in my HTML .
>>Can anyone help with suggestions please???
>My guess is that you've submitted an incorrect URL to the search
>engines, whereupon your hosting service's "error" page has been
>My deduction comes from the fact that you entered an invalid URL in
>the message you posted to this board.

Good call however when I originally submitted the page I had "cut"
from my address book so I believe the URL was intact . Unfortunately
by the time I resorted too annoying you I was typing and tired .
The engines I mention do give me a return for the correct URL but still with untitled
document as the title ..???
sorry to be such a lamer but after comparing the HTML with other pages the title appears to be ok .
Any more advice would be welcome .Thanx very much for your time .

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