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Re: About my site
From marge at Nature's Gift on 19 July '99
replying to About my site posted by Gloria

>My office wanted to have a web page. We knew nothing about the web or companies who charged to do this work. We hired one and after almost a year our page was ready. I took one look and said "This is terrible". I did some research and found FrontPage. I taught myself and after approximately 2 months and lots of hard work we have one up and running but I need help. I am not a computer person, I am over 40 and I know very little about all of this especially tags.
>Can someone look at our site and give me some pointers. Thanks.

Gloria, I click on your site... I see a LOT of whitespace on top, I see a waving flag, and a 4th of july banner.

that's ALL.

if I scroll down, I see the company name and address.

and, again, that's all.

I read the source code...and evidently there is something about what you do that is SUPPOSED to show...but with Javascript turned off in my browser, I can't see it.

I HATE to tell you this. I KNOW you have put a ton of hard work into this. (and don't use you are over 40 as a reason that it's hard...I'm a grandmother closer to 60 than 50... and I wrote our company's page myself. It's taken a LOT of time, and a lot of learning and hard's still evolving. But you CAN learn it.

Frontpage has been panned on this board for as long as I've been here. And after viewing your page, I can see why.

let's approach this from a different angle. WHAT does your employer want the page to do? Why do they 'think you should have a page?' Is it for sales? Is it for giving information so that folks interested in buying can better understand their options? Is it to make the public aware of the NEED for your services? Do you serve a primarily LOCAL market or is your service/product something that would appeal to a national or international market.

What approach do you want to take? lighthearted? serious (maybe a bit stodgy) professional?

what are the GOALS of having the page. That's the first step. Only if this is clear, can you go on to design a page that will at least head in the direction of the goals.

I am hoping that you don't interprete this message as a putdown of what you've done. It's not my intent.

If you can get some clarity on what they want to accomplish, email me and we'll talk. It's NOT that hard to put up a simple 'business card' kind of site. honest!

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