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Re: About my site
From Deb on 19 July '99
replying to About my site posted by Gloria

Hi Gloria,

Well for what it's's my 2cents...

I'm going to assume that because your dealing with Minolta and other
such multi-national corporations in a electronic/internet savvy world
that the image you'd like to project is one of a sleek, up-scale, very
high-tech firm...

I'll be honest here...FrontPage just doesn't do it...

That's the virtual visual design element. As for the content, again
the crux of the matter is instantaneous recognition...will people be
able to suss out what it is you're about...what you do and how you do
it, in the blink of an eye...or rather the click of a mouse?

I'm afraid I found it nigh on impossible to determine what exactly the
company does, until I read a very long explanation on the last page/link
on your site. For anyone knowledgeable about your particular business
perhaps it makes sense (due to the small print under the name "Access")
but for the rest of the world at large, to whom you must be marketing
and targeting your product's usage, it isn't clear enough.

Having been through similar situations in the past, whereby, the level
of design was not on par with the level of expertise one wanted to
project to a WEB-Based world, I am familiar with this disconnect...

My advice then, as as Jim always says..."KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER"
In your case I'd say the customer is more than likely ahead of the
learning curve in terms of Internet knowledge, and mighten view this
site with the confidence that "this group really is on the cutting-edge
of technology!"

Anyway, I too don't wish to be over-critical...were this a site for
say, collectibles on-line, it would be super (and you should be proud
of yourself for having learned this on your own) but for your type of
service, and customer base...I'd invest in a bit more design...

there are plenty of designers/companies out there that could help, one
bad apple shouldn't sour the whole barrel...:)

I'd suggest you surf the WEB (or ask some of the companies you deal
with) for ideas and sites that have that high-tech "look". You may
even find those 'partners' are willing to help fund/sponsor the
re-design as it's to their benefit your site is the best it can be!

Sometimes just hearing a few varied opinions from outsiders can help
put things in perspective far better than all the brainstorming and
internal meetings ever could...hope this is the case here...

Good luck...and keep at the WEB design yourself...once you learn to
code there'd be no stopping you seem to have a knack for it,


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