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Re: home town web page(Thanks Tom)
From karen at CrossvilleOnline on 19 July '99
replying to Re: home town web page posted by Tom

Thank you Tom. Your suggestions show that you must have a lot of experience in all this. You were very kind to check my site so completely. We are going to put your suggestions to work too. You didn't find us on the search engines because we discovered if you repost your site it actually removes you and you have to repost again and of course it takes up to a month on some engines to get your site posted. We reposted because we found out about Meta tags and wanted to replace our old posting. Live and Learn!

We actually have placed a "home" button on each page, at the top of every page is our name, That will take you back to the home page. But just as I suspected, no one thinks that is what it is for. So I gathered from your suggestion that we should instead make a link that just says "HOME" or "Return to CrossvilleOnline Home Page".

I do have a question for you since you have ventured through my site and seen my pages. Does it look ok to have a theme to the different topic pages (i.e. backgrounds & fonts)since my site covers so many different subjects? I've read about keeping all your pages consistent. I can definitely see that when you have a business selling something all pages should follow the same layout or theme. I was trying to make the different areas of our site interesting and attractive to look at. It also helps define the different areas of our site from one another. But if it looks tacky I don't want to do it.

We are also trying to make the time to sit down and do a menu button called "About Crossville" to go on the top of our menu where we tell the history, geography and benefits of our town. I think that's what you pointed out as missing also from our site.

There is a lot of work to doing a home town web site. I never run out of things that need to be done or updated. I want to expand my tips page to include gardening and home improvement tips in addition to the health tips. This would be something for which people would come back to the site to read on a regular basis.

Anyway, I really do appreciate the generous suggetions made by you and the others from deadlock. You've all been very helpful and I am working on my list of things to do to promote my site based on these suggestions.

Thanks again,

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