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Re: About my site
From Deb on 20 July '99
replying to Re: About my site posted by DavidH

>Let us all remember, HTML editors do not make bad web pages, people make bad web pages...
>FrontPage and any other HTML editor produce code for the layout of the page. They are not intended to design or create graphics, and certainly are not created to inspire good design. FrontPage works just as good as anything for the layout.

I'll defer to our past guru and far wiser WEB defender: MAX...:)

>Also, are you implying that FrontPage is not a good tool to use
>(perhaps because it uses an earlier version of html?

It doesn't use any official version of HTML, and many of its
"extensions" cause sites to be ignored and un-spidered. It also trashes
100% valid HTML if you load the page into it to edit the text ...
all of which makes it an unacceptable editor for serious page design.
And the security holes make it a page-delivery device I would not
share server space with unless I knew and trusted the sysop. I wiped
out an entire departmental website on an intranet because the sysop
had not set privileges correctly. What should have gone into the
secretary's directory went into the departmental directory, overwriting
the entire thing.

P.S. - In case you hadn't noticed we weren't out to 'trash' the designer
simply point out that perhaps a bit more sophistication was required...
Do you work for Bill Gates or what??? Geesh....lighten up....

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