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Re: Frontpage Question..Be Gentle :)
From Bren on 20 August '99
replying to Re: Frontpage Question..Be Gentle :) posted by Scott Hamlin

>>I am pretty much a novice at this web site stuff, since last year I have been putzing on FP part time. I have a pretty good business up and running and I can't seem to get noticed on search engines. Could you all look at my HTML and tell me where my problem lies. I feel confident I have the potential and tenacity to tackle a better program if need be, but for now I'd like to work with what I've got. Any suggestions appreciated!
>I dunno, maybe the spiders choke on the fifty lines of <blockquote> </blockquote>. Sorry, just had to say that.
>All kidding aside now... how long has your site been up and long long have you been submitting it?

Well I have been up around 6 months, I guess I should clarify, I know my site has all kinds of HTML problems...I am a novice and if my site has 50+ block quotes, how do I fix that? These are reasons why I am asking for help. Thanks!

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