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Re: Sumitting a form and getting results in new window
From David on 31 August '99
replying to Sumitting a form and getting results in new window posted by Jay Browne

>I am taking a survey and need to display the results in a new window. This new
>windows must be able to receive all of my posts. I'm using javascript,
>vbscript, and asp.
>Please help if you can

I do not believe that is possible with ASP. The results of an HTML form using ASP are passed from one page to the next using session objects or another type of object that are passed through the HTTP headers. As far as I understand, these objects cannot be passed to a new window, as a new window launced means that you are starting a new session and the HTTP headers are clear.

I have worked with ASP for a while, but I am no pro, so if anyone knows differently, please advise...

Good luck.

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