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Re: what titles should I use
From sandrad at on 4 Sept '99
replying to Re: what titles should I user posted by carl ballew


Thanks for the ideas and suggestions -- I do agree that the wants ads are
a good source to find job seekers. However, the type of job seeker I
am looking for doesn't really need a new job. They already have one.

And advertsing jobs in the paper is very expensive -- My hope is to develop
a "virtual community" and forward a weekly job posting to my database of
registered list memembers -- it seems to be the way things are going
I have been following want ads ( job search ) for nearly 10 years --
I would say that print ads are down over 75% than just 2 years ago.
There are still plenty of openings, just not advertised. Connecting my
"push" ads and direct them to the web site seems to be the way to go.

I also want to get more hits to my site based on geography. I would like to
change the metafile tags to have more hits on terms like:
Computer jobs, Wisconsin, WI or any other ideas out there?

I have my web helper working on the tags, thanks for the suggestions
this is such a new science - isn't it?

Make sense?


>>>I hope the search engine spider sees more than I see when I load your
>>>page in Netscape & "view page source". the only meta tag I see is
>>>I would venture to guess that's your problem.
>>>Want ads in the appropriate section of your largest newspapers would
>>>be my first shot, since this is where people usually go when seeking
>>How would you do this, the part about Want ads. Do you mean advertising
>>in newspapers, Please forgive me if I don't quite follow.
>>Let me thank you for you observation. I have a lot to learn about the
>>science of web marketing.
>>I really don't develop the page, so I'm not sure how to change this. But you
>>bring interesting information to my attention.
>>I welcome any other ideas you may have.
>Sure did! There are usually so many want ads for computer programmers
>in any major newspaper that anyone in this field will probably look
>there first.
>Explore all advertising avenues. Local BBS, posting flyers in relevant
>local stores, etc.

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