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Including A Border
From MacMatŠ on 5 Sept '99
replying to Re: Works For Me posted by Jay Browne

I see what you mean. It looks like Netscape works a bit weird in that respect. I think the nested elements should take priority, because they are more specific. This is generally the case for most things, but not for this I guess.

However, although not as nice looking, you may wish to do a workaround of the problem by specifying a border of 1 on the main table, along with a bordercolor attribute set to "black". If this looks satisfactory to you, it may be a good option worth considering.

Here is an example of what I mean:


<BODY BGCOLOR="white">

<TD BACKGROUND="image.jpg">

<TD BACKGROUND="">This is a cell using the parent cell's background image. Because of using the td background="" attribute here, it works the same in both Navigator and IE. There is no retiling of the image in each new nested cell.
Keep in mind however, that of course the parent cell's image will always tile if the image is not large enough to cover the area of all nested cells within and it's own total area. But this is different than a retiling of the same image over again starting at each new cell (overlapping on top of the parent cell's background image). If you remove the td background="" attribute here, that's what will happen under Navigator 4. It will have no effective change under IE however.
<TD VALIGN="TOP" BACKGROUND="">Here is another cell allowing the parent cell's background image to show through, without causing the same image to retile in this particular cell.




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