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Re: How do I price my site for sale?
From Kevin at ASAP Announcements on 20 Sept '99
replying to How do I price my site for sale? posted by Karen

>A local radio station has approached me to sell them my web site about my home town. I got some wonderful advice from visitors from this deadlock message board on how to promote my site. We've incorporated a lot of those ideas and I think my site looks great now. The only thing I haven't acquired yet is up-to-date local news so visitors will check in daily for that. That is what the radio station can do for the site and wants to have the best site in the area. He thinks he can add $100 per month on about 1/2 of his regular customers for banner ads on the site. I don't think he can manage that much. Every banner price we've checked runs about 2 - 4 cents per impression and we are currently getting just over 3600 hits per month. We have created approximately 250 pages in our site and did all the research ourselves. I've been told that $60 per page is reasonable. That would put just the design at $15,000. Then the research over the past 6 months which includes photos taken, cgi script and programing for message board, poll, news post, calendar, etc. at $10/hr came to $9,600. That brings in a total of $24,600. But it would be foolish to sell for exactly what we have in it. So my problem is how much more can I reasonably ask for my site? Is there a rule of thumb--double you cost--or some other guideline? Any help would be appreciated.

One sugestion, programing should be billed at least $65 an hour I would actually compute it at $100 an hour. Use that ammount in figuring the price. I'd say more like $75,000 as an opening bid. Try to get some other offers on the table.

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