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Re: How do I price my site for sale?
From karen at crossvilleonline on 20 Sept '99
replying to Re: How do I price my site for sale? posted by Andrew

Thanks Andrew for responding to my questions. Basically this station is one of only two in our town, he has country format. However, our neighboring town has two stations pulling listeners to their stations. The other local stattion, pop music, recently sold to a big corporation who has plans to local interest info like news, sports, calendar, etc. to their site. He wants to beat them to the punch and make his site bigger and better. My site is all ready to go and he'd not be 6 months behind starting from scratch. He wants to start promotion right away due to the upcoming holidays when his advertisers are more receptive to spending more on advertising. As I said before, he intends to charge advertisers on his station an extra $100 per month to have a banner ad on his newly acquired town web site. If he can do that then there is tremendous earning potential and profit in it for him. He didn't want to make me an offer first. He asked me to come up with a price first. So I've just sat down and written a letter laying out all the potential of the site which I haven't had time to tap into yet and then the time and money investment already tied up in it. I calculated the $60 per page on 250 pages then added $10 per hour over the course of 6 months 2 people working 40 hours a week on the research of content and came up with my base price of $24,600. Since there is a great deal of potential in this site for him, could I double my price to $49,000 and it not be considered overpriced? You are definitely right this is a poker game and no I don't play the literal game so I need the confidence of expert advice that I'm on the right track and can keep a "poker face".

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