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Re: How do I price my site for sale?
From Deb on 21 Sept '99
replying to Re: How do I price my site for sale? posted by Andrew

Hi Karen,

Glad to see the marketing tips paid off...and that your finding yourself
on the horns of a dilema we'd all like to have...:)

I'm in agreement with most of what's been said so far, especially the
part about not selling it outright...

Cause my advice would also be to partner...50% of your asking price up
front, and then the station pays you a retainer each month to maintain/update
the site.

This way your both benefiting, and in effect it's still *your* site...
and I know ownership must be an issue, as you have to feel quite an
attachment to this 'labor of love' you've undertaken over the past year.

Sounds as though the station needs you...and you could benefit from the
stations on-air why not combine efforts and agree to
make it the very best 'local' WEB-site in Tennessee! (as if it isn't

Don't forget to mention to the radio station person the potential
for 'other' similarly formatted sites that could be expanded throughout
the state...they must have connections to 'other' DJ's/Stations who
could use such a professional premise. I know radio stations are turning to
the WEB for all kinds of promo's now, including allowing folks to enter
their contests on-line, as well as posting a variety of concert venues
and other 'musical happenings', the possibilities are endless.

I agree with Jim that if this station wants to jump the gun and outdo
the competition with a site that's up and ready to go, you are in the
perverbial drivers seat...but keep in mind that if you sell it outright
you've lost the connection, and perhaps the potential for future
expansion through 'referrals'.

Then there is always the chance they'll decide that for too high an
asking price, they'll hire someone for less and do it themselves...
(no one ever said the average person has a clue what it takes to
develop a WEB-site like yours!)

Anyway, just some random thoughts...I hope all goes well...please keep
us posted as to how it turns out...

When all is said and done, no matter what the outcome, you can be
awfully proud of your 'Homepage' :^}



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