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Stage 2: My web site for sale
From karen at CrossvilleOnline on 24 Sept '99
Well folks, we finally had our meeting with the owner of the radio station. He asked us what kind of price we put on our site. We said $100,000. His eyes got big with surprise. He said that was more than he expected. We talked with him awhile about the site and its potential and that we felt we could generate the same amount of sales and traffic once we jumped in. That we have been so busy designing for local businesses that we hadn't devoted any deliberate energy to that aspect of the site yet. Then we asked what kind of figure did he have in mind. He said he would have no problem with a price like $10,000. Well, you can imagine our eyes popping then. Of course I think he was being sarcastic but my husband wasn't too sure. We came back with "Hey it would cost you $25,000 to go out and hire someone to do it right now" Then he said "well maybe I could go $50,000" We said it had to be between $50 -$100, nothing less than $50. That didn't seem to bother him but he said flat out he wouldn't even consider $100. So the next detail was about my salary to come work for him to maintain the site, do banner ads, local business web site design, etc. I told him I would get back to him on that. He indicated that my salary requirement would have an effect on what he'd be willing to offer for the site. So I called around to get an idea of what to expect for our area. I found out that a local company recently advertised for a web designer for $28,500. So I took a letter today to him stating I wanted $30,000. We haven't heard back from him today so I suppose he is still thinking or going to make us sweat it out over the weekend. I'll let you know next week if we get his counter offer.

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