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Re: Please review my site
From Inachu at help desk on 5 Oct '99
replying to Re: Please review my site posted by Arja

Well then consider either the people who advise don't know a darn thing
or like keywords they change the "RULES" of the ratings game.

But as with keywords I think they are rotating this as well.
I just knew of the comment tag because I did call Infoseek and they
did say that comment tags do mean EOF(END OF FILE) and the bots stop.

So I am truthfuly happy to see that you proved me or should I say
the tech support people at infoseek wrong.

This means their employees don't know very much and are kept out of
the loop. Maybe on purpose?

If you haven't read any of my past messages about infoseek they have
stated that they keep changing meta tag revisit ## so everyone can
benefit as a whole so if you see your ratings go up and down.

It could be also that the RULES rotate not just for revisit tags
but for keywords also.

I am sure the this rotating is very simple and could be figured out.


>Thanks for your message, but I do not agree:
>on Infoseek I have the 19th position for the search string "dating
>services", which is not bad at all!
>I have put these comment TAGS in, because without them, on several
>search engines, I get an ugly "description".

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