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Tagmaster number
From JDuke at Crafted By Heart on 16 Oct '99
I've been trying to reach the webmaster at, but I'm having problems
both with my MSExplorer and MCI net server. I cannot get into the
URL you told me to send back my Tagmaster number. I ordered this about
an hour ago along with Promotion Artist.
My Tagmaster # is 62163 and the only number I could find on the Promotion Art
is 4fff. Can you send me the info I need to unlock these??

Regarding your 3:52 PM msg on review my site:
You're so far ahead of me, I don't know what any of it meant.
Yes, I did use a software package to build my site, No it was not

Please see my posting on the bbs asking for help on Meta Tags and Keywords
and you'll see how little I know.

Since I didn't choose any type script to use, I don't know what is javascript and what isn't
on my site. I don't understand "frame Breaker and the rollover."

I tried using Netscape to enter the http you gave me but it wouldn't work.
Thanks Janet

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