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Re: If you review my site, I'll review your site
From Greg at on 20 Oct '99
replying to Re: If you review my site, I'll review your site posted by jduke

>>Hello to both Dating Service and Alpine
>I checked out both your sites. On Dating service, I can only agree with everything Alpine said. Since I'm a woman, I especially agree with that part as I feel the name is misleading "Dating Service." I guess that's the name of your company but that sure does lead a woman to believe it includes them. "Dating Service for Men?"
>Alpine, I really liked your site. I especially like the part where you allow all hiking, inns etc to join you. Great touch. One question though that I really need answered: Is that HTML code on the links page, is that a META Tag???? I've only just heard of them, and I cannot figure out what they are? I'm planning to use Deadlock's Tagmaster to make them, but do they go onto the page on top, open, like your html code? Or hidden in the html file? What goes in them?

Meta Tags belong in the <HEAD> portion of your HTML. There is a lot of information on meta tags on the Web. My first suggestion is to visit the following Web sites:

Both and are indespensible resources for webmasters. After you get the basic idea of what meta tags are and how to create them, browse through this ENTIRE message board including past months. You will find hundreds of posts regarding meta tags.

I've found that including the same keywords in your title, meta tags, and in the body of your Web pages is very effective. I ranked well on Excite, AltaVista and Infoseek/Go when searching for "new england skiing" or "new england hiking". Meta tags are not the only thing to consider for ranking well in the SEs, but definitely don't overlook them. Also, don't be afraid to repeat your keywords two or three times. I've found that to help...just don't overdo it.

I've visted Crafted By Heart and want you to aware that the meta refresh (redirect) that you have may stump some SEs. I would create a simple index page. I would also try to avoid any frames, java, JavaScript, or nested tables in the "main" page (maybe I should take my own advice on :) ). Good luck!



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