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Re: ready to submit?
From Inachu at Help Desk on 4 Nov '99
replying to ready to submit? posted by Rasto


Sorry for laughing but yes it happens like that when you hand build
a site! I am sure everyone has done this and so you get the error
codes and such!

But no fear my friend there is a free service that will
fix you HTML AND!! add image size so the pages load code load

Heres what it will do to your HTML.....

it will fix the errors.
It will have the image size (automatic of course!)
It will crunch the HTML and take out the spaces making it load even faster!

Then it will present you with the new code so you can cut and paste it
then save it as HTML.... Cool eh? HAHAA I thought so...

It is at

Have fun! I know you will enjoy it!

>Please take a look at my site, especially these three pages:
>"use of crystal"
>from the menu on the left. I would like to submit these pages with search engines. Are they ready? What should I do to improve them?
>Also, I ran the website garage diagnostic tool on one of the pages and I have recieved about 2 milion warnings on HTML design. Something like:"Good HTML style uses an 'alt' attribute in <img>". It goes for all my roll-overs, which I created in Image ready. Shoud I be worried about this? How much weight should I put on this analysis.
>Thanks Rasto

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