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Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site
From Woz on 4 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site posted by IonZone

>>Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, good and bad. Thanks
>I like your product. Now the bad; your meta tags are wrong. Remove the commas from the description tag. The keyword tag needs to be reworked, concentrate more on words or specific phrase rather than weird phrases, don't repeat a word more than 3 times "WE". Your title is too long.
>Most important, DITCH THE BACKGROUND. I know you like it and I know you worked hard on it. But, it makes the text very hard to read and looks very unprofessional. Try leaving the background white. Yes its a little boring but what are you trying to sell web design or fake teeth. You should not have anything on your page which makes it distracting for the user to buy teeth.

I like the product and site as well.

I agree with Ionzone about the keywords. Ask youraelf, would anyone
type "We make fake teeth" into a search engine? Probably not, but
they might type in "fake teeth". get the idea.
As they say, keep it simple.

I agree about the background as well although I do like it.
It would be a shame to lose it altogether. Howsabout reworking it
into a broder with the graphic down the left hand side and the
rest ofthe page white. You would get both effect, image and
readability (( is that a word??)). You could even make a border
with the site name with an edge of teeth. Obvious and corney I know
but certainly in character.

Also your navigation on the main page is an image map,
difficult for search engines to parse and nigh impossible if anyone
has graphics turned off. I would add a set of hard links, perhaps
at the bottom of the page, so the search engines can get a handle.

Also I would add alt tags to the images to encourage a "graphics-off"
visitor to turn graphics back on. something like "Wanna see Fester's Fangs?"

But I do like the site, keep at it.


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