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Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site
From Thad at Dental Distortions on 4 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please reveiw/ critique my site posted by Woz

>I like the product and site as well.


>I agree with Ionzone about the keywords. Ask youraelf, would anyone

>type "We make fake teeth" into a search engine? Probably not, but

>they might type in "fake teeth". get the idea.

>As they say, keep it simple.


>I agree about the background as well although I do like it.

>It would be a shame to lose it altogether. Howsabout reworking it

>into a broder with the graphic down the left hand side and the

>rest ofthe page white. You would get both effect, image and

>readability (( is that a word??)). You could even make a border

>with the site name with an edge of teeth. Obvious and corney I know

>but certainly in character.


>Also your navigation on the main page is an image map,

>difficult for search engines to parse and nigh impossible if anyone

>has graphics turned off. I would add a set of hard links, perhaps

>at the bottom of the page, so the search engines can get a handle.


>Also I would add alt tags to the images to encourage a "graphics-off"

>visitor to turn graphics back on. something like "Wanna see Fester's Fangs?"


>But I do like the site, keep at it.



Dear Woz,

Thanks for your input. I like your idea about using the background as a graphic on the left side of the page. I'm not sure how to do this without using frames, can it be done?

Your idea about using teeth as a edge graphic is also a good one, except one of my competitors does this and I want to stay as original as possible. I don't know much about ALT tags, although I have an 'old' ('97, funny how 2 years in this industry is OLD) book on HTML (Creating Cool HTML 3.2 by Dave Taylor), so I'll have to read up, but any input you have would be appreciated.

By the way, I will make you the same offer I made IonZone for helping me out: if you pay for postage (about 4 dollars), I will send you a free set of teeth. You pick which style you want. let me know at

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