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Re: Review
From Thad at Dental Distortions on 5 Nov '99
replying to Review posted by Rod

>I know you all love these........Please review my site. Built with no experience. Constructive critisism appreciated.

Simply put, unless you have an animation that YOU built which is unique and REALLY says something about what you are all about, avoid using them. They look unprofessional.

Also, most people will be upset that, after leting your site download, all they see are some cute text rollover tricks. I would toss the java script if I were you. (I looked at your site from a VERY FAST T1 connection.)

Focus on your content. Let the FUNCTION of your site develop the FORM. I would also suggest lightening up your background. White text on black can be hard for some to read. Try to keep all your text one color, links one color, etc...

Basic rule of thumb: Keep it simple, avoid cheap tricks (everyone has seen them, they are no longer impressive. Besides, do you want to impress people with your web tricks or sell a product?)

Thats my 2 cents, and a am a newbie too. If anyone disagrees with any of my input, please let me know; there's much more that I don't know than that which I do know!

Anyway Rod, you've done a good job, pat yourself on the back. 95% of people will NEVER even attempt to create their own COMMERCIAL website. Did you use Frontpage?

Keep thinking how you can make your site even better, good luck.


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