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Re: Marketing Ploy
From Andrew on 7 Nov '99
replying to Marketing Ploy posted by Steve Steinmann

here's the drawbacks;

there are always new people comming along that don't really know what they're doing. They think that if they price-cut evereyone they'll come out on top.

I've had a very sucessful web-store for a couple of years now. my prices are fair, but not at all the lowest. the sites with the rediculously low prices tend to disapear after a few months...or they raise their prices considerably. People think selling on the net doesn't cost anything.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, yeah right. My 800 phone bill went from $200 a month to over $2000. Hired a person soley to handle customer support (and believe me, this is where MOST of the work is. people may buy from the net, but they still don't trust it. Oh man do they call.....just to check on things; did we get their order? Has it shipped yet? When will we get it? and a whloe lot more).

Beside products, poeple want service. Good service. No, make that GREAT SERVICE. If you give them that (and tell them you'll give it to them), and a tremendous amount of informitive info on your site (more than any other site), you'll have plenty of customers.

If you try to under cut all the compition, you may have plenty of customers, but you wont make a dime.

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