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Re: Please check my test page ASAP!
From Linda on 11 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please check my test page ASAP! posted by Greg Blasko

Thanks very much for your comments!

>1 - The page seems optimized for a 800x600 screen (a lot of blank space to the right of the right sidebar on higher resoltions). I assume the page is built with tables which should be set to a relative width (like 90-100%) as opposed to an absolute width (like 800 pixels). This method allows tables to expand or contract based on the user's screen resolution.

My mom has to scroll horizontally to see the whole page, and I get a lot of white on the right. I asked the Web designer about this, and he said that it's optimized for the screen size that the greatest percentage of people have. I suggested the relative width tables, and he said that that can create uncomfortably long lines of text on wide screens. I think perhape I'll just change it to proportional tables myself when I get the code (I think I remember how).

>2 - Lose the hit counter. They're generally inaccurate, and in my opinion, unprofessional. Page hits can best be determined by server logs. Visitors really don't care how many hits a page gets anyways. Otherwise the site looks great!

I don't have server logs, unfortunately...I get the cheapest service I can from my ISP! The counter is there for me. Perhaps I can just make it very small and just small numbers with ni border?

>Hope this helps!

Very much! I'll work on your suggestions. Thanks again.




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