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Re: Please check my test page ASAP!
From Nicholas on 12 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please check my test page ASAP! posted by Linda

>Yeah, I realized after I posted it that it looks more like a command than a plea...but it's a plea, I swear! I'm just so excited to finally get my new site up. And I did say please!


Well, I checked you're site, I mean your site. Looked good but for
some details.

On Netscape 3.01/586, the "Free Article" button is poking way
into the second TD. As are the lines "Receive, by email, a FREE..."
and "You are visitor number..."

Didn't check the links, since it's 11am and my clicking finger
is already fatigued. However the links confused me, for subtle
reasons. First was the color; purple tells my subconscious that
they're already-visited, but since I've never been here, that
tells me that they aren't links. Or something. I don't get it
until I pass the mouse over them. The red for current link is
good, but my mind doesn't quite get it until I visit the second
page. (I always ad a little arrow right next to the current
page, clarifies the system faster.)

There's something unlinky about the typesetting as well;
leading too thin? Not set away from other text enough.

Then I went over to the links in the right side bar
(purple, that means links on this site) and found that
they were not links. Huh? Unfinished?

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