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Re: Is This Better?
From Greg Blasko at on 12 Nov '99
replying to Is This Better? posted by Linda

>Hi again! Here's the same page with proportional tables as you suggested. Do you think you could let me know if it creates uncomfortably long lines of text on your larger monitor? Thanks very much!

Perfect!! It looks much better! Due to your nice left and right borders, it does not create long lines of text in the body. I'm at 1024x768 so I can't account for how it looks at a larger resolution, but it looks much better than it did. You probably will see no diffence at 800x600 from your previous version, and your 640x480 visitors probably won't need to scroll as much. The only reason they'll have to scroll at all is the "Words to the Wise" image. The width of that image, plus the widths of the left and right columns must be greater that 640 pixels. I would suggest shrinking that image a bit to accommodate this and then your site should size well on the three most popular resolutions.

I'm not sure why your Web designer says that relative tables cause long, uncomfortable lines of text. Maybe I should design your Web pages! :) Again, I can't account for resolutions larger than 1024x768, but I don't think these monster resolutions are that popular, not yet anyway.

Good luck!


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