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Re: Please check my test page ASAP!
From Woz on 12 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please check my test page ASAP! posted by Linda

>>First was the color; purple tells my subconscious that
>>they're already-visited, but since I've never been here, that
>>tells me that they aren't links.

Linda, I tend to agree here. Whilst I like people stepping away from
the norm to create something new and interesting, sometimes it is
important to remember what people are used to.

Purple is the de-facto colour for a visited link.

Yes it would be nice to keep your letterhead colours from a corporate
identity point of view, you may also lose some "clicks" through the
confusion of
" Oh, purple, I've been there already.
Hmm wasn't much to see on this site, Oh Well. NEXT! "

I would change the link colour,
but then it is you're sight, er I mean, your site.



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