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Re: Please check out my site
From Andy at Tracewell Systems on 22 Nov '99
replying to Re: Please check out my site posted by Nicholas

>>I have just completed a new puzzle and crossword site (after several months of hard work!), and it all appears to function correctly from this end, but it has not yet been tested on the surfing public. Some constructive criticism would be appreciated! I have had a few problems with some people not being able to access it. Any suggestions please?
>Looks good. Not a puzzlehead myself, I didn't have any emotional
>reaction. Maybe give a little more thought to the organization?
>I was occasionally puzzled by the link structure. I went to the
>British quickies (droll), but couldn't view them coz my Java is
>off. The Mensa book link startled me; I didn't expect to be taken
>off the site.
>Yep. Might be a word of mouth success.

I did have problems accessing the page. I do not know where the breakdown is though. My connection has been acting up lately. As far as 'The Mensa' problem of suddenly taking the viewer away from your site, I have solved that in two ways in my site. I either place a page in between explaining what is going on, or I prefer to have the other site open in another window. That way they dont actually leave your site. I have also seen sites open a frames page where you don't actually leave your site, but just open their site inside of yours. (none of these solutions are new or innovative, but effective) I hope I could be of some help. Best of luck with the site.


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