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Re: How do I reformat???
From Tom at on 23 Nov '99
replying to Re: How do I reformat??? posted by Gdog Gdo

>>Please someone help... Im trying to reformat my website so that everytime you click on something it reloads the top part of my site. If you go to the general site it displays my logo and title bar. If you click on something it still displays it. However, when you key in a speacial url say for instance, it only displays that part and not the logo and navigation bar. Please help, I need it fast cause some of these pages are listed under se's andthe whole site is not coming up.
>>Thank You so much for any help!
> was a 404 error for me,
>unfindable. The other pages worked ok on Netscape 3.01 -- though
>I wonder why you felt you needed frames? That seems unecessary.
>Email Page
>"If a reply is needed, you will hear from us shortly." I think you
>meant to be polite. But this will be understood as "If we think you
>are worth answering, you will hear from us shortly."

Thanks for the info, the reason why the page came up as 404 is becauce the correct URL is
How do I get rid of the frames, I do not want to have them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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