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Re: opinion on my content
From Thad at Dental Distortions on 23 Nov '99
replying to opinion on my content posted by pamma

>Hi, I am trying to create a site that provides infotainment kind of material. I am an expert at lying so I made this site. In terms of content do you think this site could lead to something interesting? Any opinions on that or just in general?
>Any help would off course be greatly appreciate
>- thanks


An expert in lying? You should be in politics.

Is your site supposed to be tounge-in-cheek? If so, I would make that obvious. Look at it this way, if you plan on evolving this site into something that might generate some income, how will you convince anyone to trust someone who boasts about their ability to lie? Just something to think about.

Best regards,
Thad W

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