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From Andy on 30 Nov '99
replying to Re: What am I lacking? Please critique. posted by Diane

>Thanks for checking. The reason we use cookies is that is how we differentiate which shopping cart belongs to which person. The cookies are our only way to do that. Maybe more sophisticated web designers know how to get around this but it is inherent in the software that we are using. We are a small company and have done all our own work- my husband and I.
>Thanks again,

I don't have a problem with cookies, I just choose not to accept them. (mainly because of marketing companies like DoubleClick) I would like to get around using them on my own site, but I know they are sometimes necessary. They are the only solution that I know of to solve those types of problems. The only question I had of your site is that of accessability. If a user desides not to accept cookies, or they have an older browser that will not accept them, it is impossible to load your home page. Maybe moving cookies down one level in the site, or creating some sort of start page or splash page would do the trick. That would at least give someone the opportunity to get a phone number or direct e-mail address. I admire your efforts, I am a web design novice who is learning more every day.

Best of luck,


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