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Re: What am I lacking? Please critique.
From Eric Jaakkola at Model Helicopters on 1 Dec '99
replying to Re: What am I lacking? Please critique. posted by Diane

Some things I noticed...

Your topics need to be shorter, such as in the articles.
Try to make them as few words as possible, containing mainly key words that people search for.

For example, consider changing "WorldofVitamins articles about Anti-Aging: The Vitamin Advantage" to be simply "Vitamins and Anti-Aging"

Make sure EVERY page has a topic, each with it's own keywords, then again make sure those key words are repeated at least once in the 1st paragraph of html. If possible, give the page it's own directory and use the most important keyword as the directory name.

I noticed a few of your pages don't have titles.

Then, secondly, try to repeat those words as high up in the source code as possible.

Instead of saying "worldofvitamins" everywhere, why not put spaces in there and make them a real word that's more searchable?

Why have wvit is your home url instead of /vitamins/ which makes more sense to me.

Submit your pages to the search engines manually. There aren't that many very popular ones.

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