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Re: Is my site any good?
From Andrew on 1 Dec '99
replying to Is my site any good? posted by S Nelson

Boy, been a while since I've done this :-). my first though was what the hecks wrong with that graphic (its the first impression thing ya know :-).
The outside edge of your hover buttons dont match the outer graphic, it leaves a line. WHICH BY THE WAY COULD BE A GOOD THING! If I didnt run my mouse over that line I don't think I ever would have know that "not only are those LINKS, but they're hover buttons also".
so i clicked on your "The Entertainment & Travel Package" link, which by the way IS ALSO hiddin being only part of a sentsance all in the same color (a color by the way which normally IS NOT a link)........ then i come to a page WITH LOTS OF LINKS, but wait, what? well they're blue and underlined, why dont they go anywhere? Is something wrong with this site?.......Im outa here, back to the search engines.

ok ok ok, sorry. Everyone knows blue and underlined is a link, and will click a text link 3 to 1 over a graphic link (I know this from a dumb little mistake i made a few years back).

that whole grapgic thing at the top of every page (kinda like and image map) is WAY to big, I got a huge moniter, but on most screens i bet it takes up the whole screen. MOST people will not scroll down a page if it doesn't TOTALLY interest them.

on your "How Do We Compare" page the comparisons need ot be side by side. it's hard to scroll and compare. I'd go more with default colors, black text, blue links (boring I knoe, but everyone know what it is). I'm not real keen about a site that uses another site for the secure ordering either, but that's probably no big deal if you get them that far.

SE placement wise, as James said YOU GOT BIG TIME COMPITION. if you can find a tiny nitch, keyword phrase, you might just be able to raise your own gang of kids at home.

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