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Re: Please critique my site
From GB at on 2 Dec '99
replying to Re: Please critique my site posted by David A

>Looks good. But since this is your second time around I'll be more critical. Just kidding. 2 very minor things. The hover/nav buttons on the left seem a little out of place. They seem too harsh and angular when compared with the rest of the site. Maybe make them a little more subtle. And even lesser of a detail, the links on each page. Instead of having a single list that goes down what about a 2 column list. It would then look like some of the major SEs e.g. Yahoo. Or maybe you don't want it to look like that. I was just thinking that it would give your users that 'familiar' feeling. And I still love the hiking feet:)
>BTW how is the contest going? Any problems?
>David A.

You're right....maybe it's time to update those buttons. Maybe a more oval shape would work better. A 2 column list may also work a bit better. A familiar "Yahoo look and feel" was exactly what I was after.

The contest has been very successful. We're holding our second one now for December. I posted a fairly detailed rules and regulation page which I hope will keep any legal action at bay.

Thanks again for your help Dave.


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